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Make Your Own Custom Dragon Today! Empty Make Your Own Custom Dragon Today!

Post by [FD] on Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:46 pm

This instructional will teach u how to make ur very own custom dragon! It takes a lot of practice to get anything done, but it will sure be worth it.

Make Your Own Custom Dragon Today! Smalldragoncontourcopy

Requirements: Photoshop CS4(which can easily be gotten from youtube; be sure to read the comments first to see if it's the real deal), photobucket account (or any other image sharing website), creativity, and PATIENCE

If u want to zoom in or out use ctrl+(+) plus or to zoom out use ctrl=(-) minus
To undo something do ctrl+alt+z, to redo is ctrl+shift+z
To adjust size: Images->
Canvas size makes the overall file larger but not the picture
Image size makes the overall picture larger.

1. First find the picture of the dragon you want to customize (AQW-related preferably) and copy it and paste it into a new file in photoshop.
-Be sure that the new file is set to transparent background.

If you want do not want to change the color of the dragon skip this step
2. To change the color of the dragon:
a. Find a picture of the color you want the dragon to be, then at the near
bottom left at the colors, click the 2nd square to pop up a color chart, then use
the ink dropper and click the color u want.

b. Next go to Images->Adjustments->Replace Color then click on the color
u want to change, the 2nd square in the popped up window should now be that
color also, now click the color that u wanted to change it to that's in the square
u stored the color in and click OK. (If it doesn't change the picture to the color u
want adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness until it is the color u want; just
screw around until u find it.)

c. Do the same for the rest of the picture.

3. Now that you have the color changed to what u want it to be, time to CUSTOMIZE!
a. Find any images you want to use to add to ur dragon (don't let it be
obscene), then open a new file and copy and paste that to the new file; do this
for all the images u wish to add to the dragon.

4. Crop the images to the exact item u want.
a. Use the crop tool to have the basic portion u want the most out of the
There is 2 ways to cut ur img out. Use either A or B (These work if the image is big OR small, but B takes longer if it's big but still best for the method of getting 1 specific out):
A. If the image has pretty much 1 color background right click the eraser
and use the background eraser tool (tolerance 1%) and make it's size really large
to erase the background easily. You still have to use the eraser to erase the rest
of the extra junk around there. Then do ctrl+c and paste it to the file with the
dragon using ctrl+v.

B. If the image has a lot of junk in the background, even after cropping it
out, right click the lasso tool and click Polygonal Lasso Tool and trace around the
object u want, be sure to make completely surround it w/ the lasso to be able to
end where u started and click when the lasso has a small "o" next to it. Then
copy and paste using ctrl+c (copy) and ctrl+p (paste) on the file with ur dragon.

5. To move everything around use the Move tool (first on list) and move it to the designated area.
a. If u want the item behind the dragon then look at the layering lvls and
drag it lower than the dragon's layer.

b. If the item u want has to be in front of the dragon in some parts and
behind in other parts, use ur eraser tool (not background eraser) to erase the
parts that has to go BEHIND the dragon.

6. Special Customization: Inner shadow and glow, outer shadow and glow, stroke (outline)
a. Right-click the layer u want to have the special affect and press
layering options, fool around w/ each one until u find the one u want. (If using
stroke I recommend using it as 1 or 2 so u can keep it looking clean).

7. Text: If u want to add words to ur picture go to the big T (horizontal type tool) and just click and drag to the size u want and type in whatever u want to tag ur dragon.
a. To get special fonts go to (U can add
affects to ur fonts like everything else).

Now save ur picture as a .PNG (everything else is nasty)
This is for advanced users only, or people that have time to screw around

Animate! (If u plan to animate something be sure to have the size of the dragon to be no larger than a width of 300 and a height of 250.
Make sure when u save it using File->Save as Web & Devices 256 colors and 0% Web Snap.

Now that ur all done, upload it on a image sharing site and pm me the custom dragon.



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